Stream Team

Benefits of our Stream Team:
 A MG bot will be put into your Stream channel.
 You can use the MG Twitch bot to queue your viewers.
 You can use !giveaway in your channel and it will display MG’s current monthly giveaway.
 You can request your most trusted staff members to be put onto our Streamer Helper role.
 You will be auto hosted by Multiplatform_Gaming on Twitch.
 Our MG bot will always show our MG Streamers that are currently being hosted.
 Grants you access to the MG Stream Team voice channels.
 You will be put onto our announcements bot.
 You can win Streamer of the Month.
 You will be put onto #our  streamers list
 MG supporters will show up in your live streams.
How to Apply:
Join our Discord server and apply under #inquiries